Egg retrieval day

We were on the road at 4:40 am for our 3-hour drive to the fertility clinic. It always seems that any time an early morning is required, there inevitably a sleepless night that comes first. Usually not a big deal but when you aren’t able to eat or drink (no coffee), tired, and full of hormones it can feel extra early.

Our drive went by fast. We always have great conversations in the car and we were able to enjoy another beautiful sunrise this morning along with the cross over our hometown shining over us as we began the journey.

Arriving after our long drive

We are being treated at Seattle Reproductive Medicine Spokane Office. This was the first time as a patient that I felt so at ease. They showed a true compassion and such a genuine caring attitude toward me as a person and regarding our journey. Choosing this clinic was based on proximity and I am so very glad we went that route. I cannot say enough about the staff. The entire team from the receptionist, to the nurses, anesthesiologist, and doctor were the kindest, most attentive, and fun group.

Once we got to the pre-op room, we went over paperwork, met the anesthesiologist (who had us laughing pretty good), and went over the procedure with the doctor. The doctor even asked my preference of music so she could play it in the OR for me. We went back to the OR fairly quickly and of course I was asleep in no time!

When I awoke, my husband was sitting next to me. I took about 30 minutes to wake up, eat some crackers, drink some water, and take some pain medication and we were on our way home. We grabbed some Panera and hit the highway for another 3-hour drive.

Today I feel a bit achy and slow moving. I have been dozing off and on, resting and eating A LOT! I am not sure what to expect for tomorrow but I am just along for the ride.

What’s next???

Well, they were able to get 22 eggs. Tomorrow we should hear how many were mature and fertilized. From there, we wait a few more days to see how many reach blastocyst stage to be eligible for genetic testing. Once the testing is complete and my body is ready, we will prepare for a frozen embryo transfer.

So… a lot more waiting… a lot more up in the air… a lot more to come!

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  1. Things are really moving along fast. Hang in there!

  2. So excited to hear what happens next 💗 come on baby Jones!!

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