“Loyal to a Fault”

Our loving boy that is part Border Collie and Australian Shepherd (or so we think). He was a rescue from the Wenatchee Human Society and almost ended up not being found. We learned something new and that is the society has an excluded area for dogs that need it (he needed it).

Cheyenne was a whiner and would whine every time a visitor walked pasted his cage. To somone that didn’t know him it would appear as though he was stressed out. We have come to know that he just wanted affection (don’t we all).

Knowing the breed, we knew that he had potential faults and even the human society said that it might be better to have a home with older kids. Oh how they were wrong! Cheyenne would protect our girls to his last breath!

We do our best by him, love him, and give him a home that we hope was better than his last. He is our loyal protector, affection wanting, snuggle bunny, pup.

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