“Goofball Puppy”

Our goof ball of a puppy, we believe, is an Eastern European Shepherd. He looks just like a wolf and when we rescued him and his brother from the highway he was nothing but skin and bone.

This guy was found in a rural area with no homes around, was sickly, and came running right up to us. We promptly learned after he vomited multiple times in the truck that he had been living off of trash from the highway ditch. We found wrappers, plastic, and all sorts of garbage in his vomit.

We hydrated, gave graham crackers (emergency truck stash), and stopped at the first gas station to get puppy food. This guy was a trooper. Looked after his brother with no worries regarding his own health.

After going to the human society and reporting him lost and stolen and getting him listed we then adopted him. We got him all the care he needed (story for another time.) We even found a home for his brother (a family I know loves him).

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