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Providing a resource and support along with bit of humor from the messy perspective of an enlightened soul on a journey to self assurance and contentment.

Becoming the Joneses is a figurative journey for most of us as we determine who ‘The Joneses’ are, what of their life we think we want, and how to take action in obtaining it. It is also a journey in letting go of who we think we need to be and embracing who we are. This is a journey that I continue on with goals of becoming my best self. I am excited to share this journey and the experiences that I have had as we continue to grow together.

For me, ‘Becoming the Joneses’ has a literal meaning as well. I am in the midst of changing family dynamics to include a significant other (Mr. Jones) in my life and the lives of my daughters. Beginning a new chapter in life with Mr. Jones, I am excited to share this journey including all of the excitement and milestones to come, along with the diverse relationships and other quirks that make this family style work.

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