Meadow Lake Homestead


Just a couple of years ago my idea of a successful and happy life consisted of always making sure the boxes were checked… □Maintain household; □Children are fed, clothed, bathed, etc.; □Personal appearance (be thin, makeup on, well dressed); □High work quantity and quality; □Social status in good standing (lots of friends and engagements); □Be involved in community (church, volunteer, board member). If I could keep all of these boxes checked all… Read More

Defined by the Dictionary: burn·out [bərnˌout] nounreduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use. WOW! That is pretty powerful… ‘a reduction of substance to nothing.’ We use everything we have until we are left with nothing. What leads to burnout? Burnout can come from many sources and the more success that is achieved in any given area leads to more pressure, in turn, increasing burnout. Here are a few common… Read More

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