Welcome to our adventure


Our Family

Our family is full of unique talents, personalities, and abilities. It is this diversity that brings love and shenanigans into our lives daily.

From crazy dance moves, random drives down backroads, or telling the husband “lets get a goat.” We learn from our mistakes as we run forward in this crazy life. We challenge each other personally for growth as we seek opportunities.

Family adventures in raising kids along with adventuring into farming animals, produce, and other homesteading endeavors in this modern world.

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If you are interested in any of the available kids joining your home or herd, please use the contact link in the menu above for any questions or to arrange a meeting.

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Live, Learn, Build, Grow, Love

We have had growing pains here and there but we always come out on top. We communicate with our hearts, minds, and souls, and encourage laughter with every conversation. We play the other side of the fence in almost every scenario and challenge the normal.

We truly love and live for the next moment. We miss each other madly when any of us are apart and look forward to the moment we are reunited. We cherish our moments together and attempt to learn and grow as much from our children as they do from us.

We are truly blessed in this life and with one another. We bring completeness to each other and complement our weaknesses with each other’s strengths.

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