• 5 Reasons to Use Handmade Soap
    At the heart of our daily routine and hygiene practices is soap. Have you thought much about the type of soap you use? There is a natural alternative to commercial soaps that offers a considerable number of benefits. There are a few reasons cold processed handmade soap is a great option. Making a change from commercial to cold process soap can bring a number of benefits to your skin and the environment…. Read More
  • Egg retrieval day
    We were on the road at 4:40 am for our 3-hour drive to the fertility clinic. It always seems that any time an early morning is required, there inevitably a sleepless night that comes first. Usually not a big deal but when you aren’t able to eat or drink (no coffee), tired, and full of hormones it can feel extra early. Our drive went by fast. We always have great conversations in… Read More
  • IVF Phase 2
    We have had a very small hiccup in our plan. Our local clinic is able to perform blood tests and ultrasounds; however, they are coding them where insurance will not cover the cost. I have spoke to the insurance company and the fertility clinic and those pieces should be covered if coded correctly. Since they state they are unable to fix this, we are now driving 3 hours, 6 hours round trip,… Read More
  • IVF: Our story, our journey begins
    The one thing our family has is love. Love for each other, love for our friends and family, love for all of God’s creatures. When my husband and I first got together, we began discussions on growing our family and what that would look like. We explored foster, adoption and biological children. We prayed and watched for signs. We started toward foster care and adoption to see if that route had anything… Read More
  • From Miss to Mrs… perfection in chaos!
    Each year my family vacations at a quaint fishing resort in North East Washington State for a week or so over Father’s Day weekend. This past year (2019) we arrived on the Friday preceding Father’s Day and planned to return home the following Friday. My sister and her family of four along with Mr. Jones, myself and our girls shared a cabin and our dad and amazing step-mom had a cabin just… Read More
  • Becoming The Joneses and Meadow Lake Homestead
    What is this all about??? Please explain. Becoming the Joneses is the journey and experience in loving the life we build and prioritizing life, love, and family above all else. It is creating our own personal happiness in this life we live with the cards we are dealt and the grace of God. There is not an end to this, but rather a never-ending lifetime of experiences to learn from, enjoy, and… Read More
  • A Successful Family Road Trip
    Our girls are 7 and 10 (as of a week ago). They are great kids and are learning to enjoy car rides without getting too bored and without fighting. Over the past couple of years, they have endured longer and longer road trips. I love to travel and partake in loose destination road trips. This is something that I have recently been able to experience and I truly love. I find it… Read More
  • 14 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way
    1. Material things won’t make you happier: Throughout my life, things have been a Band-Aid for emotionally trying times. This was set at a young age when I was faced with external negative situation which was attempted to be remedied with material things. This is something we often set for our children in the form of rewards. “If you get your flu shot, you can get a toy…” “I am sorry your… Read More
  • Building a Life of Happiness and Fulfillment
    Just a couple of years ago my idea of a successful and happy life consisted of always making sure the boxes were checked… If I could keep all of these boxes checked all of the time I would be happy and successful. During this time, I was in a relationship that was toxic and my life was total chaos. I was afraid for anyone, including myself, to see how much of a… Read More
  • BURNOUT – What is it? How do we defeat it?
    Defined by the Dictionary: burn·out [bərnˌout] nounreduction of a fuel or substance to nothing through use. WOW! That is pretty powerful… ‘a reduction of substance to nothing.’ We use everything we have until we are left with nothing. What leads to burnout? Burnout can come from many sources and the more success that is achieved in any given area leads to more pressure, in turn, increasing burnout. Here are a few common… Read More

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